Backlinks are a very common topic among online marketing forums. If you work in SEO, you must use backlinks of some sort. For this article, instead of discussing what we realize about backlinks, let’s discuss some items that lots of people THINK they know but are actually huge myths about backlinks. It is my hope that you’ll learn something in the following paragraphs which can save you hours of work down the road later on. With that, here is my list of the top five myths about backlinks.

1. To start out things off, let’s discuss probably the most common myths about backlinks. Many people believe that the more backlinks that you have, the better. This is simply not always true! While 5,000 profiles could be good, I would rather have a backlink from a PR7 homepage than 5,000 profile backlinks. All backlinks are NOT equal. Some backlinks are much better than others, and it’s always good to go with quality over quantity. For example, 250 article backlinks can often be stronger than 5,000 forum profiles as the article backlinks are listed on more relevant pages together with your article.

2. 백링크 A common mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they only build backlinks with their website once and then just forget about it. If you are owning a big website, it is advisable to create backlinks regularly. If you just create backlinks once, your site may not last that long in the search engine rankings. Backlinks may get deleted, your competition may create more backlinks, etc.. You have to create backlinks regularly!

3. Another myth that has recently been in the news is the idea that using the same anchor text for all of your backlinks is okay. Many people learned the hard way recently with a recently available update that maintaining your anchor text the same for all you backlinks might decrease the power of these backlinks. Se’s will view this as unnatural and may try to limit the effect of these backlinks.

4. Since we are on the topic of anchor texts, another myth that many people believe is that you HAVE to have some type of anchor text. This is simply not always true. It is possible to still receive some reap the benefits of just a URL address without an anchor text. While this may not provide as much of a boost for a particular keyword, it can benefit you overall with some of your rankings and potentially improve your rankings for multiple keywords. If someone offers you a free of charge PR3 link with just your URL, jump on it! Anchor text doesn’t always have to be present for an impact!

5. Finally, I’m going to discuss probably the most debated topics in backlinking. The theory that to numerous backlinks will penalize you. Many people swear this is true. From my experience though, I’ll call this a myth. I have NEVER had a website that has been banned by Google for to numerous backlinks. In addition, nowhere in Google’s webmaster guidelines do they state that backlinks are a reason for possibly being banned. Here’s something to consider. If to numerous backlinks could penalize your site, what is stopping folks from creating thousands of backlinks with their competitor? Corporations spend millions of dollars on SEO work and making certain they rank at the very top. Is the answer really just creating a few thousand backlinks and hurting their competitor? Of course not. Google knows this, plus they understand that if anyone could penalize anyone’s site, the search engine index will be in serious trouble. You’re NOT going to get penalized for to numerous backlinks. The worst case scenario is that the search engines figure out you’ve created thousands of backlinks, and choose to lower the worthiness of those backlinks leading you to lose the rankings you once had. It could also result in a fluctuation in rankings as the search engines try to find out where your site ought to be placed. You’re not likely to get banned though. Anytime I’ve talked to someone who swears their website was banned for backlinks, I always end up finding something on the website that has been breaking the webmaster guidelines.

Well, I am hoping you enjoyed this article. Hopefully you have learned a bit from this article. Should you be struggling to accomplish your desired rankings, perhaps this article will help with changing some of your strategies in order to avoid a few of the mistakes you might be making. Good luck!